Studying General English at Inforum is different to any other college because we focus closely on interaction and communication so you’ll be speaking a lot from your first day.

It will also probably be very different to studying in your home country. This is because you have to speak and listen to both your teacher and your classmates. Your teacher will even ask you to stand up and walk around the room, speaking with them (your teacher) and your other class members.

General EnglishCRICOS Code: 076336C
Key Points
  • Great mix of nationalities
  • Elementary to Advanced level courses
  • Student counselling with your teacher every week
  • Level-up test every week with your teacher's recommendation
Course Length
1 - 50 weeks
Starting Date
Any Monday
Entry Requirements
Successful completion of Inforum’s placement test
Contact Hours
20hrs per week + up to 6 hours of Workshops
CEFR Levels
A2 - C1

Our Approach to General English

At Inforum, there is a strong focus on interaction so you’ll often be asked by your teacher to work in groups or pairs to practise new language.

This is an exciting but very important part of learning a language because you have to get used to listening to, and understanding people from other cultures and at Inforum, we have students from all over the world!

General English has Three Parts

At Inforum, if you're a daytime student, you’ll study Core Skills in the morning and then in the afternoon, a Focus Class, where you’ll have the chance to practise and apply your knowledge in new and exciting situations. Core Skills are grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking.

CORE SKILLS: 16 hours per week
FOCUS LESSONS: 4 hours per week
WORKSHOPS: 3 to 6 hours per week with optional free lessons to give you more chances to study

Total study time: 20 to 26 hours per week

Daytime students study 5 hours per day, 4 days per week Monday to Friday and have one day free for working, sightseeing or meeting friends!

General English (Daytime) - Upper Intermediate A (Sample Timetable)

9:10-11:10UNIT 1
Grammar: Speaking about
Describing films, music
and books
Disagreeing politely
Introduction to social
media-related vocabulary
Study and discuss what is
a "not-for-profit
Buildings and area vocabulary
Grammar: Relative clauses: Non-defining and Defining
Facebook photo album
activity (revise places and
building vocabulary)
Group work: "What's a
good presentation?"

Talking about pictures
Active listening: Movies
and music
Adjectives and Adverb
Quiz to check grammar
and vocabulary
Weekly speaking task
Group Task Preparation
Synonyms for Agreeing Listening: Festivals and Carnivals
Advice Email (Giving
advice grammar; linking
words; places and
buildings vocabulary)
1:40-3:10Unit 1
Movie-related vocabulary
Task-based speaking and
listening activity
Talking about the future (future forms + bound to / likely to)

Evening English Classes

Are you working during the day and can’t attend class? Do you prefer having your days free and studying in the evening? Then, Inforum’s Evening English program is the answer.

When the sun goes down, our Evening English program begins with a great range of levels and classes to choose from.*

You’ll study 20 hours per week, the same as the day course, and it’s flexible so you can change from day to evening, or evening to day if you need to.

The classes start at 5pm and finish at 9.20pm. (4 hours per night, 5 nights per week, and there is a 20-minute break for dinner.)
If you can come to school a little earlier, you can also join our great Workshops program!

*Class levels are subject to availability. Please contact Inforum to confirm your level is suitable for the Evening English program.

Inforum's General English Language Levels - The Best in Australia

Placing students in the right level is the start of a successful course.

There are two important steps to getting this right and at Inforum, we’re the experts in getting you into the right level to maximise your language learning from your first day.

Step 1 - Inforum's placement test
On your first day, you’ll sit our placement test with the other new students. It will take 1.5 hours and will cover all the important points: reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar and a short interview with one of our teachers.

Step 2 - Inforum’s 8-level General English language program
Most English language schools have just 4 - 5 levels for General English; however, at Inforum, we have 8 levels:

  • Elementary A (6 weeks)
  • Elementary B (6 weeks)
  • Pre-Intermediate A (6 weeks)
  • Pre-Intermediate: B (6 weeks)
  • Intermediate A: (6 weeks)
  • Intermediate B: (6 weeks)
  • Upper Intermediate A: (6 weeks)
  • Upper Intermediate B: (6 weeks)

Because we have 8 levels in our General English program, this means:

  1. You’ll be placed in exactly the right level from your first day; and,
  2. You have more chances to go up to the next level. Most colleges you have to wait 12 weeks to take an end of term test but at Inforum, it’s only 6 weeks.

And remember, for your end of term test, you have to remember 6 weeks of work not 12 weeks like at other schools, which will give you a much better chance of success in going up to the next level.

Program Summary

LevelElementaryPre-IntermediateIntermediateUpper IntermediateAdvanced
Length6 weeks6 weeks6 weeks6 weeks6 weeks6 weeks6 weeks6 weeks6 weeks6 weeks
Course NameGeneral EnglishGeneral EnglishGeneral EnglishGeneral EnglishGeneral English
Morning Class

Core English Skill BuildingCore English Skill BuildingCore English Skill BuildingCore English Skill BuildingCore English Skill Building
Focus ClassConversation 1Cambridge KET Exam PreparationConversation 2Cambridge PET First StepCambridge PET Final StepCambridge Vocabulary BuildingSocial MediaCambridge FCE Final StepCambridge CAE First StepCambridge CAE Final Step
CEFR Level
(Entry point)