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G’day! How ya goin’? by Shane Casey

Using informal English is common when speaking with friends.
This blog will teach you a few informal
Australian English expressions to get you started.

Sometimes, in Australia, we like to shorten words.
We cut off the ends of words and add an “ee” sound so that:
Barbecue is “barbie”
Breakfast is “brekkie”
Christmas is “Chrissie”

We also shorten words and add an “o” sound. For example:
Registration is “rego”
This afternoon is “this arvo”
A Bottle Shop is “bottlo”

Below are some other common Australian expressions.
Try to use them with your friends and flatmates.

No Worries!
Meaning: Don’t worry about it/You’re welcome
A: Hey, thanks for helping me out yesterday.
B: No worries mate.

Flat out!
Meaning: someone is very busy
Example: I’m sorry I can’t help you. I’m flat out at the moment.

Your shout!
Meaning: It is your turn to buy drinks.
Example: George it’s your shout.

Good onya!
Meaning: Well done!
Example: Good onya for winning the race.

When you’re in Australia, there are thousands of these expressions
being used all around you every day.
Listen out for them and have fun learning English!