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Free Fun on the Gold Coast

Welcome to the Gold Coast, the home of fun in the sun, theme parks and unlimited entertainment. It’s a playground for the rich and famous, if you are rich and famous that is. Ok, so you are not rich and famous, right? Don’t let that keep you from having an amazing time during your stay here. You don’t always have to spend a fortune to have a good time on the Gold Coast.

Here are few ideas to get you started on a low budget, fun weekend.

Well no surprises here, but did you know that the Gold Coast’s most beautiful beaches are not at Surfers Paradise? Get on a bus and head down to the southern end of the Gold Coast. Kirra, Greenmount and Rainbow Bay beaches are waiting to charm you with beautiful views across the ocean from three separate lookout points, great shopping and lots of awesome food. The beaches themselves are just beautiful and perfect for swimming, surfing or just relaxing. If you have time, try a takeaway dinner on the beach at Rainbow bay and watch Surfers Paradise light up across the ocean as the sun goes down.


  1. Walking tracks.

Not all of our famous walking tracks are in the mountains. Burleigh Heads is home to one of the most inspiring walks around. The entrance to Burleigh Heads National park is located at the end of Goodwin Terrace, just a short walk from the bus stop.


The Gold Coast is famous for art & craft markets, farmers markets and you can even bag a bargain any one the dozens of car boot sales happening all over the Coast on weekends. Jump online and see what is happening close to you this weekend.


Annual events and festivals

The Gold Coast is loaded with free events every year and offers something for everyone.

Cooly Rocks (50’s & 60’s Culture and Cars) , Blues on Broadbeach, Broadbeach Country Music Festival, Broadbeach Jazz Festival, The Surfers Paradise Festival, The Gold Coast Multicultural Festival as well as a number of international surfing competitions are just the beginning of a long list of free ‘must see’ events happening every year.


  1. We have saved the best for last.

As a student of Inforum Education, you have access to one of the greatest free resources known to man. Something so amazing, you will remember it years after all other memories of the Gold Coast have faded. Something that will leave an everlasting smile on your face and glow in your heart long after you return home.

So, what is so amazing? Have a look around you every day at school. What do you see? Awesome friends, don’t ever underestimate the value of the friends you make at Inforum. Sometimes you don’t need to go anywhere to have fun. So, just get some friends together, maybe some food and drinks, add a little music and have the time of your life, anywhere on the Gold Coast.