Focus Classes are an important part of studying English at Inforum Education.

After studying 3.5 hours of Core Skills in the morning, you will then study 1.5 hours of Focus Classes in the afternoon. The Focus Class will give you a chance to "focus" on an important skill or an interesting aspect of language learning. You will still be with the same teacher and your classmates as the morning but the class will be different from the morning, but still challenging and a lot of fun.


Conversation One

  • Practise basic day-to-day conversation about directions, hobbies, families, taking buses and much more.
  • Give and follow instructions… even for making a cake!


Conversation Two

  • Practise and extend your day-to-day conversation skills.
  • Give and follow complex instructions.
  • Go shopping with your class.


Cambridge PET Exam Preparation
Perfect the skills to pass the test. Read and understand signs, brochures and magazine articles and answer questions under exam conditions.

Hospitality Plus

  • Practise taking orders, explaining menus and dishes and answering the phone politely.
  • Visit local businesses and learn the secrets of great food and service.

Upper Intermediate

World Business

  • Focus on important business issues including marketing, conducting meetings and business communication.
  • Learn and apply skills of negotiating, presenting and networking.

Social Media

  • Check out not-for-profit organisations which have outstanding social media campaigns.
  • Give a group presentation about what you learn. Inforum will donate $100 to the organisation whose group gives the most dynamic presentation.