Focus Classes are an important part of studying English at Inforum Education.

The Focus Class gives you a chance to "focus" on an important skill or an interesting aspect of language learning. It’s exciting, different and it will be challenging but it will give you a chance to learn and utilise important knowledge to improve your communication, vocabulary and grammar in different situations. You will study a Focus Class for 4 hours every week.

Elementary A

Conversation 1

  • Practise basic day-to-day conversation about directions, hobbies, families, transport and much more.

Elementary B

Cambridge KET exam preparation

  • Learn the test skills and language skills you need to achieve A2 level.

Pre-Intermediate A

Conversation 2

  • Practise and extend your day-to-day conversation skills.
  • Give and follow complex instructions.

Pre-Intermediate B

Cambridge PET first step

  • Improve your grammar and vocabulary range and accuracy to get ready to move to a higher B1 level.

Intermediate A

Cambridge PET final step

  • Perfect the skills to pass the test at B1 level.
  • Read and understand signs, brochures and answer questions under exam conditions.

Intermediate B

Cambridge vacubulary building

  • Quickly increase your vocabulary across many subjects by reading and discussing great stories.

Upper Intermediate A

Social Media

  • Check out not-for-profit organisations which have outstanding social media campaigns.
  • Give a group presentation about what you learn. Inforum will donate $150 to the organisation whose group gives the most dynamic presentation.

Upper Intermediate B

Cambridge FCE final step

  • Learn the test skills and the higher language skills you need to achieve B2(Cambridge FCE) level;