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What FCE did last week

The FCE class had a pretty busy week, but every week is pretty busy when you’re taking a hard look at grammar and vocab in each lesson! This time, we’ve been talking about reporting speech. Maybe you know some of the verbs we use, like say, ask and tell. Did you know that there are over 50 other reporting verbs? The FCE knows now, and they can use them too. So ask them about their studies, and they might insist on telling you about it. They’ve promised to use them in everyday conversation, with some students boasting that they’ll remember them all.

We’ve also been talking about the media: The news, books, television, and more.  There are some big differences between how news is reported in Brazil, Spain and Japan, a topic about which everyone had something to say. The media is a part of our everyday lives, so it’s important to be able to understand the specific vocabulary it uses. Hopefully, our FCE students are feeling a bit more informed and can understand a little bit more of the English that surrounds them in their Australian life!