The study is over and the test begins for our  FCE Inforum students.

It was the united nations: Japan (Ryota,Itsumi,Fumi,) czech (Michael,pavlina) korea (Jun) ,brazil (Angela)  hungary (Aniko) all working as a united team.

12 weeks of intensive english study,concentration and dedication to achieve their goals.

They all said they wouldn’t cry,but they all did,overwhelmed by gratitude and appriciation for Inforum’s teachers,staff and fellow students who helped them attain their  FCE certificates.

p1040841.JPG p1040848.JPG p1040850.JPG p1040851.JPG p1040852.JPG p1040853.JPG p1040854.JPG p1040855.JPG p1040856.JPG p1040860.JPG p1040859.JPG

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