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FCE exam tips

With the final week of exams coming up, here are ten FCE exam tips for those of you doing the FCE exam next week. 

 1. Always read the instructions/question first in every part of the exam.

2. If you don’t know an answer, guess and move on. Never leave a question unanswered. 

3. Manage your time. Keep an eye on the clock so you don’t run out of time to complete the exam sections. 

4. For the listening section, focus on the recording, and then answer the questions. Don’t try to focus on both. 

5. For the speaking section, relax and breathe. Your examiner is testing your English so it does not have to true information, as long as the language is correct. 

6. On the day of the exam, arrive early and ensure that you are prepared with the appropriate stationery. 

7. Sleep well the night before and eat a proper breakfast on the day of the exam. Don’t just fill up on coffee!

8. Study hard in the week before the exam. Don’t try to fit all your study in the night before. It won’t work. 

9. Do the homework your teacher gives you. Teachers don’t (usually) give homework to torture you. It’s for practice and it’s important. 

10. Speak in English. Read in English. Think in English. Dream in English. Sneeze in English!