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Face to Face or Virtual English Courses? How to Find the Right Fit

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Classrooms today look a lot different than they did a few years ago. Access to video conferencing tools, shifting priorities, and a host of new challenges have all influenced the rise in online classes, with the COVID-19 pandemic making online learning a necessity for many over the last few years. With the reintroduction of in-person learning following the easing of pandemic-related restrictions, many students now are offered a choice between taking face to face and virtual courses. The question is, which is the best option?

At Inforum Education, our English courses are offered in both virtual and face to face formats. If you’re looking for the right learning environment in which to complete your IELTS exam preparation, it’s important to understand which option is the right fit for you. Both virtual and face to face courses have their respective advantages and drawbacks, and when you know the difference between them, you can make an informed decision about your English education. Below, discover more about how to choose between virtual and face to face IELTS exam preparation courses.

Determine How Much Flexibility You Need While Taking English Classes

One of the biggest factors in your decision between in-person and virtual English courses will likely be the level of flexibility you’ll need while completing the course. At Inforum, while our online courses are offered at consistent times throughout the week in face to face Zoom sessions, students are granted a greater degree of flexibility. When completing their IELTS exam preparation online, students don’t need to commute to class from home or from work, and can participate in sessions from a location that’s convenient for them. If you’re a working professional or a parent, the flexibility offered by online classes might be more suitable for you, allowing you more time to fit your studies in with your personal and professional commitments. On the other hand, if the commute isn’t a problem for you, in-person classes might be a better option.

English courses
If you need a greater degree of flexibility, virtual English classes might be right for you

Find What Motivates You While You Learn

Each learner is motivated by different factors, and understanding what inspires you and engages you will be important when it comes to choosing between in-person and virtual courses. Two factors to consider in your decision are how important social interaction is to you, and what level of focus you require to successfully complete the material. If you’re more motivated to learn in an environment where you’re surrounded by other students whom you can collaborate with, in-person English classes may be a better fit. However, if you’re more independently motivated, you might be more likely to succeed in an online course, where you’ll complete the material on your own terms.

English classes
If social interaction motivates you, an in-person English course might be better suited to your needs

Assess Your Level of Self-Discipline

Online and in-person English classes both require different levels of self-discipline in order to succeed. Online courses often require a higher level of self-discipline, as learners don’t have the structure offered by an in-person classroom experience. Instead, learners must have the discipline and time management skills to complete their tasks and learning material on time, holding themselves accountable. If you have a tendency to procrastinate or find it harder to focus when creating your own study schedule, face to face courses might be right for you, as you’ll be more engaged working in a hands-on environment. If you’re more prone to distraction, taking in-person English courses at Inforum could be a great way to ensure that you’re keeping up with the coursework and getting the most out of your learning experience. 

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