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Exam preparation can be difficult. On top of using academic English for the first time, there are often nerves and a sense of not achieving to contend with not to mention the comforting distractions instantly available as your phone lights up to tell you something has happened on Facebook, with your family, your roster from work….

Let’s begin with the former. If you go and do something you love that makes your heart pump, quickens your breathing, makes your stomach go crazy and makes you release adrenaline, you label this sensation as exciting. You look forward to it with eager anticipation. There’s an extremely positive connotation. Yet when you go for a job interview or on the day of an exam, those exact same physiological responses, which we often label negatively as nerves or anxiety, could be seen as excitement. The exam is one more step on the way to achieving your dream. You are getting closer. This dream can come true. (Note how the focus has moved from the exam, to the dream in the future.) To find out more on how to develop this positive mindset, watch

The second issue facing exam preparation students is the sense of being inadequate, the fear of not being able to reach the required standard. Diana Nyad is evidence that if you are prepared to work hard, and never give up, you will FIND A WAY. Aged 64, on her fourth attempt to swim 100 miles from Cuba to Florida, over 3 days, through freezing cold, shark and jellyfish-infested waters, she achieved a goal she had been training for since she was a teenager. On the third attempt it nearly cost her her life, yet she tried again. No other person in the world, regardless of age or gender has ever achieved this feat. Somewhat more challenging than the exam you face. Find out how she did it by watching this link.

My final video shows how the little, moment by moment choices have a big impact. I’ve finished the exercise the teacher set. I have 1-2 minutes. You can check out Facebook or use it to revise vocabulary, write sentences using the new grammar point or vocabulary. Do a quick calculation, how much time do you waste on tiny, unproductive choices. Choices are powerful, especially the little ones.


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