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Elementary This Week

When you ask a student at Inforum why they want to learn English, you get a lot of different reasons. “I need to pass IELTS.” or ” It will help me get a better job.” However, the one that you hear the most often is, “I want to travel and make friends from other countries.” People seem to be the most important thing for a lot of our students and that’s what we practiced this week, talking about people.


Sometimes when someone asks you, “Tell me about your best friend,” it can be hard to think of anything to say besides, “She is very kind.” so in Elementary we learned about our extended family, different types of friends and how to describe them and their personality. We talked about our responsibilities in the home and making arrangements for the weekend. Next time someones asks you about your best friend, you can hopefully say, “She’s really confident and interesting. I met her in high school and we’re going to have lunch together this weekend. Do you want to come?” After all, it’s all well and good talking about your old friends but you’re here to make new ones too.