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Easter in Australia

Sometimes it can seem like the holidays in Australia are upside-down and inside-out; sunshine and barbecues at Christmas, the Queen’s birthday changing around and that strange thing called ANZAC day where everyone eats ANZAC biscuits. What is ANZAC day anyway? Easter is no different as the Australians seem to have their own special way of celebrating everything. So let’s find out what Easter’s like- Australian style.

Now, Easter was originally a religious holiday and also a way to celebrate the Spring (in northern countries anyway, here it’s Fall) but many people these days don’t really think about that. Instead, it’s all about Easter egg hunts, the Easter bunny, a four-day weekend and of course lots and lots of chocolate. In Australia, there is a four-day weekend- we call the Friday off ‘Good Friday’ and the Monday off ‘Easter Monday’ but a lot of Australians don’t like the Easter bunny! I know what you’re thinking- how could anyone not like the Easter bunny? The reason is this: Bunnies are not a native species in Australia and actually really damage the environment here. So what animal is often used here? The Easter bilby! No idea what a bilby is? No worries- have a look below. Cute, right?

Also, in Australia, not only are there chocolate eggs but also, another traditional food during Easter is hot cross buns. The history of this sweet bun is actually pretty dark but with a bit of butter, they are absolutely delicious. Next time you’re in the supermarket, see if you can find them so you can share some with your friends. Don’t forget the chocolate Easter bilby either. Then you can say you’re having a proper Australian Easter! Have a happy four-day weekend everyone!