Demi-Pair Application

Demi-Pair Application - Priceless Exchange

  • Please read 'ABC of Demi Pairs' carefully before starting to fill in the application form.
    Please prepare supporting documents below which you need to attach to this application.
    • A one-page letter, including photos, about yourself to your future host family
    • A CV/Resume including any experience you have, if any, with children
  • Agent Details (if you have)

  • Student Details

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  • Experience

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  • English course

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  • Letter to your host family and CV

  • One page letter, including photos, about yourself to your future host family
    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, Max. file size: 29 MB.
  • CV/Resume including any experience you have, if any, with children
    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, Max. file size: 29 MB.
  • Demi Pair Program Agreement

  • General Placement Conditions

    1) I have read and understood the Document ‘ABC for Demi Pairs’

    2) I understand that my Host Family must provide me with breakfast and dinner during the week, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner on weekends.

    Meals and portions sizes are different in every family. My family should provide food for one more adult, to their standard.

    I understand that I am responsible for all extra food. I understand my Host Family is not responsible for providing snacks or personal care products.

    3) I confirm that I have answered all questions truthfully and all the information on my application is correct. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify Priceless Exchange should any changes occur before my placement. I also understand that if I am found to have falsified any information my placement will be terminated immediately.

    4) I understand that Priceless Exchange is matching me with the Host Family based on the information I have supplied in my application.

    5) I have read AND understood the Family Profile Form of the Family I am about to join. I am aware that I am responsible for the works outlined and the children on the Family Profile form.

    I understand that an average Family Homestay placement (private room, breakfast, and dinner during the week, 3 melas on weekends) costs $360 per week.

    I understand that my 15 hours of work covers this fee.

    I understand that my 15 hours of work is viewed as the employment part with my Host Family.

    I understand that if I miss any hours they need to be covered in the next week, or be paid off to my Host Family as $24 per hour.

    6) I understand the public transport to the CBD (up to 1 hour each way) and understand that public transport is expensive in Australia.

    7) I confirm that I have the abilities and English skills needed to fulfil the work outlined in the Family Profile Form AND that I can look after the children.

    8) I understand, that if I don't have the skills required fulfilling the duties as a Demi-Pair at my Host Family, Priceless Exchange can terminate my placement without the right of any refund of the Demi Pair Placement fee. This includes my abilities, experiences and English skills undertaking all household and childcare duties.

    9) I agree to carry out the work outlined in the Family Profile Form with diligence. I understand that my Host family expects me to show initiative and expects me to be generally fun to be around.

    10) I confirm to understand that when I agree to join a Family, I am legally bound to a 12-week placement (unless otherwise stated).

    11) I understand that I will need to book an Airport Transfer to the Host Family after arriving in Australia, unless it is pre-booked with my educational agent or Language School. I understand that I need to arrive in Australia over the weekend, between 5am and 8pm. Should I wish to book an alternate flight, it would need to be discussed with my Host Family to ensure they are able to welcome me at home. Most Host Families work full time jobs, and/or drive children to and from school and afternoon activities and might be unable to be home at certain times of the day/week. I understand that arriving late at night might result me having to book a hotel for the first night, depending on my Host Family.

    House Rules

    12) I understand that I am required to follow all house rules outlined by the Host Family.

    13) I understand that it is my responsibility to talk about usage of internet, electricity and water with my Host Family and must abide to their limits. I understand that the Host Family can ask me to pay for careless usage of internet, electricity, and water.

    14) I understand that going out and coming home late during the week is disruptive to a family’s life and should be reduced to the weekends only.

    15) I understand that coming home intoxicated is not acceptable.

    16) I agree to keep my room and bathroom neat and tidy and make fair contributions to keep the common areas neat and tidy, even outside my scheduled working hours. I understand that even on weekends when I have no scheduled working time my family expects me to help with dishes should I be home for meals.

    17) I shall discuss with my Host Family any arrangements for holidays or additional days off at least 2 weeks in advance. I understand that I need my Host Families permission to have extra days off.

    18) I shall not undertake any other paid work employment during my stay with the Host Family, unless agreed by my Host Family and allowed under the terms of my visa.

    19) Demi Pairs shall seek advice and discuss with Host Family about children hygiene and bathing procedures to the children. Parents should make clear if they want the DEMI PAIR to take care or to help with this role, for which ethical conduct should be observed according to the Australian law for child protection from sexual abuse.

    Looking after Children

    20) I will seek advice from the Host Family should I have any challenges with the children in any form.

    21) Under no circumstances shall I hit the children.

    22) When minding the children, I will never leave them out of sight, ever.

    23) When minding the children at home, I will never leave the house and leave the children home alone.

    24) I will follow all rules from the host Family regarding treats and screen time. 25) I shall seek advice and written permission from my Host Family before administering any medication to the children.

    End of Placement

    26) I agree to leave my room clean after my placement and understand that I will need to cover all costs involved with cleaning my room should I leave it dirty. A cleaning fee off AU$100 will be charged and paid if I fail to clean my room and bathroom. We say, leave it as you found it!

    27) I agree to cover all costs and debt incurred by me while staying with the family. This includes any gadgets and injuries.

    28) I understand that I am covered by Liability and Damage Insurance through Priceless Exchange. This insurance can be accessed by contacting Priceless Exchange and a $500 excess is paid.

    Changing Host Families

    If I have any problems, challenges, or questions, which cannot be discussed with my Host Family, I will contact Priceless Exchange for assistance.

    29) I understand that Priceless Exchange must agree to me leaving the Host Family. Should I do so anyway, I will be liable for any expenses the Family may have. These costs might be paying for a cleaner or babysitter for the family until my placement term is up, or until Priceless Exchange has found a suitable replacement.

    30) I understand that I can’t request to join a new Host Family if challenged with any aspects I previously agreed with, eg Host Families schedule or constellation, travel distance/expenses or any other aspects listed on the ‘ABC for Demi Pairs’.

    31) I understand that joining a new Host Family is only possible if challenges arise that cannot be resolved for example personality clashes, if a Host Families doesn’t keep to the agreement or other major issue arise.

    32) I understand that Priceless Exchange can only place me with a new Family if my first Family gives a good reference.

    33) Should I request to be placed with another Family, I understand that it may take time and I understand that Priceless Exchange is not liable or will not take any responsibility for my accommodation cost before the placement with the new Family.

    Australian law for Children protection

    I am aware that, under the Australian law for children protection, there are behaviors which are NOT acceptable and considered CRIME of child sexual abuse, such as some listed below:

    34) Touching children’s genitals, kissing, or licking children’s bodies, kissing children in the mouth or lips.

    35) Making sexual comments about the child or their bodies, showing pornography, adult movies, or sexual graphic materials to children.

    36) Exposing children to erotica or sexual adult behavior, getting undress and shower in front of the children, encouraging children to touch adults in intimate manners.

    37) Teaching children about sexual matters, such as sexual education or practices.

    38) Encouraging children to explore same or opposite sex interaction for sexual or gender identification.

    39) Telling sexual jokes or tales to children.

    40) All Demi Pairs need to hold a valid BlueCard/Working with Children Check


    I am aware that there are certain situations that will not be accepted and will result of immediate termination:

    41) Lying to the Host Family. Lying to a Host Family results in losing trust which is vital since the Demi pair lives in the family’s home with their children.

    42) Intruding on the family’s privacy. This includes taking and posting photos/videos on social media without the family’s permission.

    43) Hitting a child or leaving a child unattended. A child’s safety is the most important things in Australia, and it is against the law to leave them unattended or to hit them.

    44) Being intoxicated in front of the family or before looking after children.

    45) Arriving home late for work on a regular basis, this means more than 3 times.

    46) Seeking paid work that clashes with the Demi Pair Schedules hours.

    47) Inviting friends to the Host Family’s home without permission from the Host Family

    48) If a Demi Pair is asked to leave their Host family because of any of the above situation, the Demi Pair is liable and responsible for the transport and new accommodation and placement with another family will not be possible. No refund will be offered.


    I understand that Priceless Exchange strongly suggests completing the ‘Car-Use-Checklist’ with my Host Family to cover different car related matters such as insurance, possible accident and damage to the car.

    Refund Policy - No Demi Pair Placement fee refund will be made if the Demi Pair:

    49) simply changes their mind about the program or any aspects agreed to before placement commencement.

    50) leaves the host Family due to challenges without having notified Priceless Exchange.

    51) fails to work towards improving problems/ challenges as suggested by Priceless Exchange. 52) chooses to leave the placement for any other reasons without consent of Priceless Exchange

    A refund can only be made if Priceless Exchange can’t find an alternative, suitable Host family for the Demi Pair, should replacement be the only option to solve a problem, or as individually discussed and agreed to.

    Other things to consider:

    Special Dietary Requirements

    Special Dietary requirements are very common these days, but they can cause frustration and confusion when it comes to a Demi Pair placement. Dietary requirements can be, but are not limited to vegan and vegetarianism, lactose intolerance, and gluten intolerance.

    The Demi Pair adapts to the Host Family’s meals and the Host Family provides one more meal to their standard for one more adult. If the Demi Pair has any special food requirements, she/he must buy and pay for the extra ingredients and do her own preparing and cooking.

    Any special food requirements must be noted in the Demi Pair Application and the Host Family Profile.

    If the Host Family has Dietary Requirements (incl. allergies) the Demi Pair has to adapt to them. This can include not bringing certain food items (e.g.: nuts) into the family home.

    During the placement process, the dietary requirements will be discussed and a solution that considers both the Family’s and the Demi Pair’s requirements will be defined. Depending on circumstances it will be necessary to do a weekly meal planning so that the Demi Pair can organize her own meals around the family’s meals. Examples could be:

    Family has no special requirements/Demi-Pair is vegetarian: o Vegetarian options for planned meals are discussed. There are some meat alternatives in the fridge/freezer or pantry to replace meat. Family has no special requirements/ Demi-Pair has Gluten intolerance: o Demi-Pair buys gluten free products to replace meal ingredients.

    Sickness and Injury

    If a Demi Pair gets sick or injured during the placement and can’t fulfill the full 15 hours of a week, the missing hours need to be caught up later, or missed hours ($24 per hour) be paid directly to the Host Family.

    If a whole week or more can’t be worked, and catching up the hours isn’t possible, then the Demi Pair would be required to pay the Host Family full or part of a Homestay rate fee to cover the cost of living.

    Please contact Priceless Exchange to discuss current Homestay Rates in your area.

    Public Holidays

    The Demi Pair contributes 15 hours per week to the Host Family in exchange for free board and accommodation.

    During weeks with public holidays, the 15-hour commitment should be spread out over the remaining days of the week. It's important to proactively discuss this with the Host Family before the public holiday, especially if the family anticipates needing assistance on that day.

    This open communication ensures that both parties are aware of expectations and can plan accordingly to accommodate any specific needs during the holiday period while maintaining the agreed-upon support schedule.

    Blue Card / Working with Children Check (WWCC) Application

    I understand that it is a legal requirement in Australia to hold a valid Blue Card (In Queensland) or Working with Children Check (WWCC) in New South Wales and Victoria.

    I understand that it is my responsibility to apply for this as soon as I arrive in Australia.

    I understand that there is an associated fee in some states.

    I understand that if I do not apply for the Blue Card / Working with Children Check can mean that I may have to find temporary alternate accommodation.

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