44 students from Inforum had a fantastic an exciting day activity at Currumbin Sanctuary,holding koala’s, patting kangaroo’s,watching free flight bird show,snake and dingo showing ,aboriginal dancing,feeding wild bird and many other great thing to see.Inforum students had cheap entry as part of a group. 

dsc_0114.JPG dsc_0122.JPG dsc_0135.JPG dsc_0137.JPG dsc_0138.JPG dsc_0166.JPG dsc_0220.JPG dsc_0267.JPG dsc_0269.JPG dsc_0319.JPG dsc_0158.JPG dsc_0325.JPG dsc_0339.JPG dsc_0341.JPG dsc_0343.JPG dsc_0363.JPG dsc_0381.JPG dsc_0411.JPG dsc_0416.JPG p1050109.JPG

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