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Considering an IELTS Exam Prep Course? Find Out What Makes Our Approach Unique

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Improving your English language skills opens up many possibilities, allowing you to connect with new people, improve your employment prospects, apply for residency, and more. Inforum Education is a leading language school on the beautiful Gold Coast, making it the perfect place for new students to learn English while enjoying the experience as a whole. 

The approach Inforum Education takes to teaching English is very sincere. We are determined to help our students succeed, and have instructors and management staff with decades of experience as native speakers teaching English. What is it about our school and our IELTS course that is so special? Discover how our expertise has allowed us to develop a unique approach to IELTS preparation.

The Twin Paths Approach to English Courses at Inforum Education

Inforum Education prioritises a twin paths approach to our English courses. This approach focuses on developing English language skills while also teaching specific test preparation. In this way, students develop important English language skills like advanced reading and writing skills, while also learning exam-taking skills. It is an approach that can be very beneficial to students who feel nervous when taking exams. Taken together, this approach helps students feel confident, calm, and ready on exam day. 

English proficiency exam preparation courses
English courses at Inforum Education focus on language skill development as well as specific exam preparation guidance

Creating an Immersive English Language Environment

It is important for us that our students focus on interaction and communication in order to build strong language skills in our IELTS exam prep course. Students are expected to speak English at all times, which helps them practise their language skills while connecting with peers and instructors. Taking risks and making friends from other cultures as you embark on your journey to learn English is where growth really happens. 

Inforum Education’s IELTS preparation course is one of the best in Australia, and Inforum is committed to helping students achieve a 6.5-8.0 score on the IELTS exam. In fact, our students regularly achieve a score of 7.0 or higher on the examination! Holding each student accountable and responsible for putting in the work allows them to take hold of their progress and find pride in their advancement. Our students are able to use the English language to bridge the differences between each other and make friends that last a lifetime, across borders and continents. Interacting with other students in this way helps students pick up communication skills, whether written, spoken, or heard.

Even students who complete our online IELTS course can socialise and collaborate with other students. Inforum Education’s online IELTS course encourages student interaction, helping learners achieve greater results through teamwork.

IELTS exam prep course
Students get to collaborate with one another even in an online environment thanks to the immersive nature of Inforum IELTS courses

The Opportunity to Take Part in the TAFE Queensland Pathway Program

Another unique aspect of our course is that it provides the opportunity for some students to take a Pathway Program instead of taking the IELTS exam. Students who score an 80% or higher in their IELTS exam prep course at Inforum Education are welcome to join the TAFE Queensland Pathway Program. This program allows students to benefit from our partnership with local colleges and universities and forgo taking the IELTS exam. This can further open up the opportunity for attendance at a broader range of universities that interest students, if they would like to continue their studies. 

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