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Christmas in Australia

Australia is a multicultural country so there are many ways to celebrate Christmas. For most people it is a time to catch up with family and friends.

The main celebration is traditionally held on the 25th where families gather, exchange presents and eat. They might have a Christmas breakfast, lunch or dinner or maybe even all 3 as you travel from one family member’s house to the next. People often eat the European turkey and roast vegetables with Christmas pudding for dessert. However, a cold spread of salads and seafood is also very popular. BBQ’s in the park are also popular. We often have Bon Bons – a sort of miniature firework in a cylinder which contains a silly hat, a joke and a cheap present. The hats are worn as we eat. Whatever the circumstances are, the adults usually have a few alcoholic drinks.

Some people visit their friends and family over a few days rather than trying to visit everyone on one day! Most families have a long break from work, school and university which enables them to do this. It also allows them to drive long distances to visit relatives that live far away. Prices of airfares and hotels jump at this time of year. If you are travelling make sure you book flights and accommodation well in advance.
For these reasons Christmas is sadly our most dangerous time on the roads so the police conduct lots of blitzes on speeding and drink driving to try and keep the roads safe. The penalties are often doubled.