The Cambridge First Certificate exam is one of the most popular English language tests in the world and students come from many countries to study and prepare for it at Inforum.

Cambridge FCE (B2 First)CRICOS Code: 062399C
Key Points
  • High pass rate
  • Take the test at Inforum Education
  • Maximum 12 students per class
  • A Cambridge FCE Certificate never expires
  • Companies that accept the FCE include: American Express, Bayer, IBM and Price Waterhouse Coopers
Course Length
12 weeks (10 weeks for the January course)
Entry Requirements
Successful completion of Inforum’s Upper Intermediate A level or placement test
Contact Hours
22 hours per week + Workshops
CEFR Levels

Why study Cambridge FCE?

The FCE exam is recognised in most countries as the benchmark test for showing a student’s English language level. It’s for levels from high Intermediate to Upper Intermediate. There is a strong emphasis on new vocabulary and grammar and using these in many different situations and contexts.

Once you pass the Cambridge FCE test, it’s recognised by industry and universities for life; this is very useful when you decide to return to your home country as you’ll have a certificate that will always prove your English language level.

Cambridge FCE and Inforum

Inforum’s flexible format allows you to start any Monday throughout the year and our Cambridge-specialist teacher examiners will ensure your success through their knowledge and experience with teaching this important exam.

If you wish to take the exam, please see our preferred intake dates to maximise your chances of passing the test.

Cambridge FCE Exam Preparation (Sample Timetable)

Reading and Use
of English Paper


Exam introduction:
format, length,
Exam introduction:
format, length,
FCE Speaking
Exam introduction:
format, length,
Exam Skills
Overview of
sentence types,
Present tenses
(do, be doing)
Present tenses
(have done and
been doing)
Modal verbs of
Appearance and
personality adjectives
Reading + Vocabulary
Part 5 skills:

Reading and Use
of English Part 1
Body parts and
School Activities
I’ve been studying at Inforum for almost five months and it has been an amazing experience. I did one month in General English and then I went to the FCE class. My English has improved a lot but the most important thing is that I’ve met so many amazing people.Titouan, France
I’ve attended the FCE class from April to June and I really enjoyed my time here. I learnt a lot about grammar, vocabulary and it also helped me to improve my speaking and writing. My teacher, Aili, always created the lessons with different learning activities that helped me to remember the difficult words and grammar more easily. Also it was really interesting to be part of a multicultural school.Catharina, Germany
Starting in the Pre-Intermediate level, I am now in the FCE examination class. All the teachers and curriculum here have strengthened my ability. I still can't say my speaking and listening are perfect but I am sure the knowledge I have acquired at Inforum will make my skills perfect one day.Dan, Korea
Attending the Cambridge FCE course was essential to achieving my goal. With the support of my teachers and the excellent material available, I felt confident to face the exam. As a result, I have passed the test and received my international certificate. I am deeply thankful for the loyalty and commitment that Inforum has shown me.Jessica, Brazil

Inforum Education Australia is now a recognised test preparation centre for students wanting to do the Cambridge FCE (B2 First) exam and the Cambridge CAE (C1 Advanced) exam. Our exam preparation courses are taught by our most experienced teachers and students can take the exam at Inforum.