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Bringing Crazy Back

Back in October 2014, I wrote a blog post about how being a little crazy could help you improve your English. You can read that at the address below.…y-by-ben-pollard/

Today we are bringing the crazy back and looking at a way you can decorate your house to help you improve your English.

This is a 6-step process:

1. Buy a packet of Blu Tak ($2.50 at Kmart look here

2. Buy a pack of coloured paper ($2.00 at Kmart look here—brights—120-sheets/693503)

3. Write the vocabulary you already know and the new words you learn on a piece of paper using the following method.

Word (part of speech)

Defining sentence (this is a sentence that also teaches you the meaning of the word)

E.g. table (n)

We eat dinner at the kitchen table.

4. Ask your teacher to check your sentences and help you fix any mistakes (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)

5. Use the Blu Tak to stick the vocabulary on the walls of your house. I mean everywhere. In your bedroom, in the living room, in the toilet, on your fridge, on the ceiling above your bed so you see them when you wake up. EVERYWHERE!!!

6. Enjoy your English world!

Now, if you spend your time making English posters and talking to yourself in English, everyone is going to think you are a little bit crazy but who cares.

At least you will have very good English so you can politely tell them to P*^# OFF!

Good luck with your studies and keep up the hard work,