Anzac Day

Anzac Day. Have ever eaten an ANZAC biscuit? Have you ever wondered what ANZAC means or why we gave that name to a biscuit? Well my friends, on 25th of April every year we celebrate [...]

What Pre B Did This Week

This week Pre-Intermediate B was hit by some tough grammar points. We had to recall what we had studied such as irregular verbs and present perfect to learn past perfect, passive voice, the adverbs already, yet, just and still [...]

Eater in Australia

Unlike many countries in the world, Easter is celebrated in the autumn in Australia. Easter is traditionally a religious holiday for Christians that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, while most Australians are not [...]

New Teacher

“Hi ! My name is Claire-Lise Jones and I come from a small village in France. However, I have lived in New Zealand for the last twelve years. I have now settled on the Gold [...]

What Elementary B Did This Week

We, the intrepid Elementary B class, have continued our studies by covering such topics as nature, the weather, the countryside versus the city and all things animal. We’ve also embarked upon learning how to present [...]

What Intermediate B Did This Week

Our Intermediate B students started the week by bravely facing their first FCE practice test. They are all to be congratulated on their outstanding efforts in taking on this new challenge. Students continued to work [...]

What IELTS Foundation Did This Week

The IELTS class has grown in size and we now have about 14 people in the class. This week we did a lot of writing with a special focus on Task 2. We learnt how [...]

Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day:   Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” The day of romance that we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to [...]

What Upper A Did Last Week

Thursdays come and Thursdays go and now, another Thursday has disappeared. “Where did it go?” you may ask. Perhaps it was stolen by our awesome Upper Intermediate A students because today’s lesson was all about [...]

What Advanced A Did This Week

This week in Advanced we managed to get through a practice test – well done. After the unit of science and research was discussed by using passive forms, we learnt lots of vocabulary for talking [...]