What Pre A Did Last Week

At Inforum Education language school our Pre-Int A students started the week talking about different ways of travelling. In small groups, we practised describing places in town and giving directions. We also learnt how to [...]

What CAE Did This Week

This week at Inforum English Language School the CAE class continued working on their exam preparation. We studied the topic of History and its importance in the world. The students also wrote a proposal about [...]

What Upper Intermediate B Did This Week

A slightly sad week for the Upper B1 class, as their teacher Robert is currently relaxing on a beach somewhere in the Bahamas. On the upside they are currently being taught by Porscha which isn’t [...]

What Elementary B Did Today

Today Elementary B learnt all about ANZAC day and the history behind the national public holiday. We read all about the battle of Gallipoli and the important role the Australian and New Zealand troops played [...]


ANZAC Day is held on the 25th of April each year. However, you may be thinking, “what is ANZAC day? Isn’t it just another day off?”. No, it isn’t! ANZAC day is a very important [...]

Easter in Australia

Easter for Australians starts on Good Friday and ends on Easter Monday. Like in other parts of the world, Easter is a time of prayer and family gathering… As in most countries, the rabbit is [...]

What FCE Did This Week

Congratulations to our new group of FCE students on surviving their first busy week of the First Certificate term. It has been a huge week, with our class growing to 17 students from places all [...]

What Pre B Did Last Week

This week in Pre-intermediate B we’ve been looking at money and events- 2 very important things to be able to talk about because everyone needs to deal with these things in their lives. Since it’s [...]

What Pre A Did Last Week

It was an action-packed week at Inforum Education on the (not so) sunny Gold Coast! It was the last week of this terms English course which meant that nerves were running high at the beginning [...]

What Advanced A Did Last Week

Hi everyone, This week we looked at lots of language for describing going out as well as conflict and resolution. What really impressed me was how well you could use some amazing descriptive noun phrases, [...]