Easter in Australia

Easter for Australians starts on Good Friday and ends on Easter Monday. Like in other parts of the world, Easter is a time of prayer and family gathering… As in most countries, the rabbit is [...]

What FCE Did This Week

Congratulations to our new group of FCE students on surviving their first busy week of the First Certificate term. It has been a huge week, with our class growing to 17 students from places all [...]

What Pre B Did Last Week

This week in Pre-intermediate B we’ve been looking at money and events- 2 very important things to be able to talk about because everyone needs to deal with these things in their lives. Since it’s [...]

What Pre A Did Last Week

It was an action-packed week at Inforum Education on the (not so) sunny Gold Coast! It was the last week of this terms English course which meant that nerves were running high at the beginning [...]

What Advanced A Did Last Week

Hi everyone, This week we looked at lots of language for describing going out as well as conflict and resolution. What really impressed me was how well you could use some amazing descriptive noun phrases, [...]

St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s day is just around the corner and the Irish community here on the Gold Coast, Australia are readying their drinking arms and tuning up their fiddles in preparation for celebrations. There’s a large [...]

Exam Preparation

Exam preparation can be difficult. On top of using academic English for the first time, there are often nerves and a sense of not achieving to contend with not to mention the comforting distractions instantly [...]

What Elementary B Did This Week

Our Elementary B students started the week learning how to describe different kinds of food. They talked about eating habits in their countries and then compared them to the ones in Australia. They gave each [...]

What Upper A Did Last Week

Well here we go for term two, and for Upper A is was an exciting week, a new book, new teachers and a new level but, luckily for most, many familiar faces. Upper A’s first [...]

What Intermediate B Did This Week

It was an interesting week for the General English Intermediate B students at Inforum Education. The beautiful warm weather on the Gold Coast made studying English more challenging than usual but Intermediate B had their [...]