What Upper B Did Last Week

Upper Intermediate B had a very interesting week this week. We revised vocabulary relating to careers and education, health and medicine and travelling. The most interesting for the students was the unit on socialising and [...]

New Teacher – Lisa

Hi everyone, my name is Lisa.  I’ve been at Inforum Education for only a couple of weeks now, but all the teachers and students here have been so welcoming and helpful…THANK YOU!!  Although I grew [...]

New Teacher – Emily

My name is Emily. I was born in North Yorkshire, England. However, I grew up in New Zealand and spent most of my life there. I studied a bachelor of science, majoring in biochemistry and [...]

Queen’s Birthday Holiday

Greetings from Inforum Education, Queensland, Australia. It’s warming up on the Gold Coast as we get further into spring. On Monday the 1st of October we will celebrate the Queen’s Birthday (Yes, we have a [...]

Study Tips

Studying English can feel quite challenging at times, so here are a few tips to help you make the most of your time learning English on the Gold Coast. The first tip is to speak [...]

What Int B Did This Week

This week Intermediate B broadened their knowledge of injuries and illnesses, as well as learning about news and events. Graphic drawings of ailments from the eighteenth century made us ever more thankful for modern day [...]

Spring on The Gold Coast!

Hooray!!! It’s finally spring on the Gold Coast, so we can say goodbye to cold winds and grey clouds, and hello to beautiful sunshine and long, lazy afternoons on the beach…after class of course! Time [...]

The Gold Coast Show

Get excited Inforum Education students! The Gold Coast show is back for its 112th year and it looks like it is going to be bigger and better than ever.The Gold Coast show is one of [...]

What Upper B Did This Week

At Inforum Education English language school, our Upper B students started the week comparing their travel experiences in Australia and their home countries. We talked about problems when renting a car and different kinds of [...]

What Upper A Did This Week

Hi everyone. We had the FCE exam on Thursday and I know that it was quite challenging, but I hope you found it rewarding. Remember that if you pass this exam, you will be able [...]