What Upper A Did This Week

Hi everyone. We had the FCE exam on Thursday and I know that it was quite challenging, but I hope you found it rewarding. Remember that if you pass this exam, you will be able [...]

What Elementary A Did This Week

The synapses were firing on all cylinders this week in Elementary A as we plunged head first into another exciting unit of study at the foremost English language school in Australia – Inforum Education on [...]

What Pre B did last week.

Hold the phone everyone, it’s time to check in Pre-Intermediate B and see what they have been up to this week. It’s week four of the semester and that means it’s time to learn about [...]

What Pre A Did This Week

It was review week in Inforum Education Australia’s General English Courses on the Gold Coast. The Pre-Int A classes talked about jobs and took turns being interviewers and candidates for different job positions in a [...]

Porscha’s Study Tips

As everyone knows, we have regular exams here at Inforum Education and as one of the amazing teachers here at the best English language school on the Gold Coast, I’m going to share some of [...]

What IELTS Did This Week

In the first week of our IELTS intensive course for the advanced students we’ve begun a brief overview of the various test components and the skills involved in each area. In preparation for our first [...]

What Pre A Did Last Week

Hello from Inforum Education here on the sunny Gold Coast, Queensland. This week our pre-intermediate general English students were studying hard for their Cambridge PET exam. This week was our review week where students worked [...]

What Upper A Did Last Week

This week Upper Intermediate A has bravely traversed such subjects as sports and interests including extreme sports, accommodation, nature as well as crime and punishment. Within these topics we have trekked the terrains of learning [...]

Solstice and Equinox

The southern hemisphere winter solstice: Thursday 21st June Thursday 21st June was the shortest day of the year for the southern hemisphere. The solstice is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs twice a year in June [...]

What IELTS Did This Week

Week 8 was a very full on week for the IELTS Foundation class. The focus of the week was producers and consumers. On Monday we learnt a lot of new vocab to set ourselves up [...]