Solstice and Equinox

The southern hemisphere winter solstice: Thursday 21st June Thursday 21st June was the shortest day of the year for the southern hemisphere. The solstice is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs twice a year in June [...]

What IELTS Did This Week

Week 8 was a very full on week for the IELTS Foundation class. The focus of the week was producers and consumers. On Monday we learnt a lot of new vocab to set ourselves up [...]

What FCE Did Last Week

It’s come to crunch time in FCE- the FCE students are taking their speaking test this Friday and the rest of their test next Tuesday. How are we preparing for the test in this last [...]

What Ele B Did This Week

This week was about the future and technology. The Elementary B English course at Inforum Education on the Gold Coast had fun listening, speaking, reading and writing about technology and what the future may be [...]

What Elementary B Did This Week

It’s a beautiful time of the year to be living and studying English on the Gold Coast and fittingly, Elementary B began the week by discussing the weather. We delved into a range of very [...]

This Week in Elementary A

This was review week for the Elementary A1 class. We started the week with some present tenses and we practiced some vocabulary about countries, cities, jobs and workplaces. After squeezing in a mini ANZAC Day [...]

Anzac Day

Anzac Day. Have ever eaten an ANZAC biscuit? Have you ever wondered what ANZAC means or why we gave that name to a biscuit? Well my friends, on 25th of April every year we celebrate [...]

What Pre B Did This Week

This week Pre-Intermediate B was hit by some tough grammar points. We had to recall what we had studied such as irregular verbs and present perfect to learn past perfect, passive voice, the adverbs already, yet, just and still [...]

Eater in Australia

Unlike many countries in the world, Easter is celebrated in the autumn in Australia. Easter is traditionally a religious holiday for Christians that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, while most Australians are not [...]

New Teacher

“Hi ! My name is Claire-Lise Jones and I come from a small village in France. However, I have lived in New Zealand for the last twelve years. I have now settled on the Gold [...]