What Intermediate A Did This Week

Week 2 of term 8 was busy and challenging for Intermediate A, with a lot of grammar and vocabulary to cover including future plans, present perfect continuous and present perfect simple, places of interest, weather [...]

Remembrance Day

In Australia, the 11th of November holds a special significance. At 11:00 am on the 11th of November in 1918 fighting on the Western front ceased. The German army surrendered to the allies, effectively ending [...]

What IELTS Foundation Did This Week

This was week 4 of the IELTS Foundation course at Inforum Education on the Gold Coast. It was another big week and the students are being challenged a lot. They learnt how to write an [...]

What Intermediate B Did This Week

Inforum Education, an English language school which has recently been invaded by Europeans, had a cracker of a week! Those who study in Intermediate B were enthralled by defining relative clauses and reported speech. They [...]

What Upper Intermediate B Did Last Week

What is one of the most terrifying skills you need when speaking in English? Many students would relate to this: speaking on the phone. There’s no help from body language or facial expressions- all you [...]

New Teacher

Hi, I’m Cameron.  I have grown up on the Gold Coast and I love the beach lifestyle while also being so close to beautiful rainforests.  I have a Bachelor of Arts from Griffith University, where [...]

New Teacher

Hello Everybody! My name is Koray. I’m so happy to be here. I have been teaching for the last 17 years in Europe and I have just moved back home. I studied a Bachelor of [...]

New Teacher

Hi, I’m Georgia. I have just returned to the Gold Coast after being away for almost 13 years. I have travelled all over the world, but I love Australia the most. This is my first [...]

What Advanced B Did This Week

This week at Inforum Education the general English Advanced B class were challenged by learning about the news, media, business and economics. On Tuesday morning, the advanced students continued to learn and develop vital skills [...]

European Migration

It’s that time of year again when European students are flocking to Australia to study English at Inforum Education in Southport, experience quintessential Australian beach culture in Surfers Paradise or explore Australia’s best theme parks [...]