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Aussie Beer Experience

It is very important when staying in another country, that you learn about it’s culture. One very important aspect of Australian culture is beer! So with this thought and purely academic intentions, we decided to head off to the Carlton Brewery. The Carlton Brewery in Queensland is Australia’s second biggest brewery. We can’t show you all of the photos because the guys at the Carlton Brewery said they are TOP SECRET! If you would like to see what was in the pictures you will have to go to the Carlton Brewery yourself!


on-the-bus.jpg yuuki.jpg running-for-beer.jpg vb-bus.jpg on-the-tour-train2.jpg on-the-tour-train.jpg no-photo-zone.jpg mystery-beer-ingredient.jpg what-is-it.jpg haruka.JPG jimin.JPG jin-kyu.JPG me.JPG relaxing.JPG enjoying-a-beer.JPG