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April 25 of each year marks the day of remembrance called “ANZAC Day”. Have you ever heard of ANZAC? It’s an acronym, which is short for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The ANZAC were a group of Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought together in World War 1. There was a big battle in a place called Gallipoli, a peninsula in Turkey. In Gallipoli many brave soldiers died in battle against the Ottoman Empire. ANZAC day is a special day in which we remember the sacrifices that these soldiers made, as well as the efforts made by all soldiers from Australia and New Zealand.

So what does this mean for us, nowadays? Well, first of all, there is a public holiday, as we take time off from our jobs and schools to show respect. Secondly, there is a “Dawn Service”. Dawn is the earliest part of the day and the most peaceful, so this time is used for a ceremony to commemorate (remember and honour) the fallen soldiers. There are various locations for these services all over Australia, so if you want to see one, make sure you check online and get up early. Usually we use public holidays as a chance to party, spend time with our friends and be a little bit lazy. ANZAC day, however, is a little bit more serious and quiet. That doesn’t mean you won’t see Aussies at the beach having a BBQ, it just means that during this day, everyone will be thinking about the soldiers who lost their lives in World War 1, hoping that we never have to experience the tragedy of conflict ever again.