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ANZAC Day is held on the 25th of April each year.
However, you may be thinking, “what is ANZAC day? Isn’t it just another day off?”.
No, it isn’t! ANZAC day is a very important occasion in Australia and New Zealand where we remember all those who have served our countries during WW1, WW2 and throughout other peace-keeping missions.
On this day many people gather across the country at dawn (approximately 4am) for a dawn service. During this service veterans give speeches, a minute of silence is held and floral wreaths are laid. Later in the day people head to their local pub where games of two-up are held. Don’t know what that is? Head down to your local pub this Thursday and have a look!
Also popular on this day is to eat and enjoy ANZAC biscuits. These biscuits were traditionally made by the wives of the soldiers and then sent overseas for the soldiers to enjoy!