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As we approach the 25th of April, another public holiday, you might see these words written upon businesses, signs on the street, or even on social media like Facebook and Twitter:




But what does this mean? Well, the 25th of April is ANZAC Day. The ANZAC, or the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, were a significant group of soldiers who fought in World War 1. On this date, 102 years ago, there was a battle known as The Gallipoli Campaign, where many ANZACs lost their lives. We honour their sacrifice on ANZAC day, as well as the continued sacrifice of other soldiers throughout the ages.


While we all enjoy public holidays as a time to relax, ANZAC day is a solemn day, intended for remembrance. Many Australians attend a Dawn Service, an organised march which begins as the sun rises, and continues into a ceremony with a minute of silence. You can find information on nearby dawn services on the internet, if you are interested in taking part in this annual tradition.


So, while you are enjoying your day off, keep in mind the sacrifices made by Australian soldiers over one hundred years ago, which united us as a country and cemented the values of mateship and trust.