Inforum’s Cambridge CAE program combines the latest teaching techniques and technology, utilising textbook and internet-based lessons to maximise students’ exam scores.

Students take regular full practice tests throughout the course and receive weekly counselling from their teachers to highlight areas where they need to improve. When students finish the course, they take the exam at Inforum Education.

Advanced Master Class - Cambridge CAE (C1 Advanced)CRICOS Code: 076509J
Key Points
  • Maximum 12 students per class
  • High pass rate
  • Take the exam at Inforum Education
  • Progress tests every week
  • C1 Advanced is accepted by: Alcatel-Lucent, BMW, Credit Suisse, FedEx
Course Length
12 weeks (10 weeks for the January course)
Entry Requirements
Successful completion of Inforum’s Advanced A or placement test.
Contact Hours
22 hours per week + Workshops
CEFR Levels

Why study Cambridge CAE?

The Cambridge CAE certificate is recognised around the world as the benchmark for students wanting to prove their language skills are at an Advanced level. The certificate you receive is valid for your whole life and you can use it as evidence of your language skills for both industry and university study.

You can also use the Cambridge CAE in Australia to gain entry to most Australian university Bachelor programs.

Inforum and Cambridge CAE

You will study Core Skills in the morning: grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening and then in the afternoon, you will apply these in the Focus Class to improve your examination skills.

Advanced Master Class in Exam Preparation (Sample Timetable)

8:40-10:40CAE Reading and Use of English
Format, length, timing
Part 5 Writing Exam
CAE Listening

Format, length, timing
Overview of all tenses
CAE Speaking
Exam in pairs
Overview of
sentence types,
punctuation rules
Present tenses
(do, be doing)
Character Adjectives
Present tenses
(have done; have been doing)
Part 4: Exam skills and
Part 1
Use of English
Part 3: Use of English exam skills and practice
I obtained a lot of knowledge thanks to Tracey, my current teacher and my smart classmates! As far as I am concerned, my CAE class has one of the best atmospheres to learn English I have ever experienced. I am highly satisfied with my current class.Kazumasa
The CAE class was certainly one of the most interesting classes I have attended, not only because of the high level of our teacher but also due to the great drive of each student to get the maximum score on the test. All my skills have significantly improved during these 12 weeks.Vincent, France
I’m a 23 year old law student from Italy and in Inforum I found something more than simply a well-run English school – I found a family. There was a very high quality level of teaching in every course, from the Beginner to the CAE level. Definitely worthwhile – I really recommend Inforum!Vieri, Italy
During the twelve-week course for my Cambridge CAE exam, I learnt all the essentials that were required for a successful outcome of the test. Despite the short preparation time, Emma, our teacher, did an excellent job! Passing my CAE made me extremely proud. I worked my way up and succeeded at the end because of all the help that Inforum provided!Tobi, Switzerland

Inforum Education Australia is now a recognised test preparation centre for students wanting to do the Cambridge FCE (B2 First) exam and the Cambridge CAE (C1 Advanced) exam. Our exam preparation courses are taught by our most experienced teachers and students can take the exam at Inforum.