During the race which is billed as “the race that stops a nation”, every Inforum student stopped their lessons and gathered to our comfortable lounge room to watch the race on the TV together.The students and Inforum staff were so happy for a nibble which we prepared and so excited! what was going to happen in the race? The result of the race was so close, even we could’t find which one won by seeing a photo. It could be the most undecidable race ever.Fortunately,  five people including Simon, who is a director of the school, and one of our lovely thoughtful teacher, Jacqui, won the race. Other Inforum-student-winners were so delighted for getting all of the money which was collected from the other people who joined the race betting and unfortunately for almost  all of the students they did their dollar, In a nutshell, Simon donated the money which he got as he did last year and Jacqui(not a jockey) did as well ,and Jacqui was awarded a   box of Oreo’s for her kindness. Anyway, it was a fantastic opportunity to watch the horse racing with everybody at Inforum. Ooops,I forgot to say something more. We did a hat competition as well and many students brought their own beautiful,funny,crazy hats which they made. The competition was also very close and very difficult to choose a winner . After we got a lot of judgment, we finaly reached a conclusion who the winner was. It was Veronika from the Czech Republic. Congratulations. I guess she ,and hopefuly her classmates as well, are so happy about the snacks which she got as a prize.



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