A Day Out at The Spit


On Wednesday, March 11, a group of Inforum students from the Intermediate level had a tour of the Spit, a small peninsula full of natural beauty. The students explored the Spit in order to prepare and give a presentation on the impact of a proposed Cruise Ship Terminal on the Gold Coast.



Everyone learned about what would happen to Wave Break Island, and the surrounding environment if the development was approved. We visited the lagoon at the Spit which is home to thousands of soldier crabs. We learned that the Broadwater itself is home to numerous aquatic animals including stingrays, fish, dugongs, sea turtles, and dolphins.
We also found out about the beautiful migratory birds which use Wave Break Island
as a refuge. Lots of people could be seen scuba diving, snorkelling, and surfing.

We bumped into our friends from Devocean Dive and one of our students was going out with them!!

We bumped into our friends from Devocean Dive and one of our students was going diving with them!!

After lunch, the group walked along the sandy trail known as Federation Walk,
which winds through the bushland along The Spit, making our way back to Seaworld. Along the way we identified many beautiful native trees, shrubs and grasses which house an abundant array of native wildlife.


Even though it was quite warm, everyone had a fantastic day out. We can’t wait to see your presentations next week!

Shane Casey

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