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5 AMAZING Study Tips

1. Do your homework

Teachers don’t give you homework because they like to ruin your social plans. They give you homework because it revises what you have learnt in class and allows your brain to remember the information.

2. Watch television and read books in English

Listening to your teacher is great, but watching television and reading books in English will expand your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and get you used to the speed at which native speakers actually speak. Australian programs such as the News, Home and Away, Neighbours, Jack Irish or Wanted are some good examples.

3. Talk to people

This one may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many students go home and speak their native language. This will not help you to improve your English. Speak English to everyone you possibly can. Chat to the check out person at the supermarket. Say hello to a student you don’t know. Ask for directions from a friendly looking stranger. Chat to some people at the pub over a beer. TALK!

4. Listen to yourself

There are students who make the same mistakes – again and again. Teachers will correct them, but they repeat the mistake the very next day. Listen to the mistakes you make, really listen and make a mental note of the correction. Repeat it ten times out loud if you have to.

5. Have fun!

Learning a language is easier if it is fun, so make your learning fun. Make jokes with your classmates, get involved in student activities, laugh with your teacher (not at your teacher)!