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4 Useful Tips on Starting your Studying Journey in Australia

So you’ve arrived in Australia, ready to study English at your new school, only to realise: You haven’t studied in years! You have forgotten all your study habits and now you are just staring at your textbook. What can you do?
Read this blog and we’ll guide you along as you start your studying journey again.


The most important thing to do is to set yourself up with a schedule. It can be easy to finish class and decide that you are done with your studies for the day, but it is vital that you set yourself tasks connected to your studies. Try to always do your homework at the same time each day, whether that’s at 5pm or just after you get up. If your teacher assigns any kind of regular practice task, ensure that you have a specific time in mind to do it each day. Organising your routine will help organise your English mind.


One big mistake many language students make is that they think spending a long time looking at the pages of their textbook will help them absorb the content. The reality is that there are many things that you can do to study outside of using your textbook. One of the best ways to study is by talking with your classmates! Discussing the language you learned about in class that day with your fellow students not only helps you remember it but also helps you build relationships in English, further strengthening your language skills.

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As well as establishing a routine, there are a lot of changes you should make in order to really build up your English. Things that you didn’t need to do in your home country in your day-to-day lifestyle like reading the newspaper, talking to staff at shops or starting up conversations with people on the street must now become part of your life. If you need to travel somewhere, don’t use your phone and follow the instructions, but instead try talking to a stranger and asking them if they can help you find your destination! If you want to buy something but aren’t sure of its quality, try asking the staff if they have any recommendations! The main point I’m trying to make is that you will need to try things that might make you a bit uncomfortable to really test your English ability.


Finally, the main thing to remember while studying: You can do it! After spending some time learning it can start to feel like a real challenge, or you might start to feel your motivation slip. If that happens, take action to keep the language interesting! Tell your teacher that you are feeling unmotivated and they can try to find a way to point you at something that will reignite your passion. Remember: Inforum Education Australia and its staff are here to support you, but only you can do the work necessary to improve your English!