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3 Ways an IELTS Exam Prep Course Creates Opportunity

It might seem surprising that just a single exam can lead to so much opportunity, but that’s the reality of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). This exam was developed to evaluate the English language skills of non-native speakers. Graded on a scale from 1-9, the IELTS exam is comprised of several components, including Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, assessing the candidate’s capabilities in each. Today, the IELTS is among the most popular tests worldwide for those needing to prove their English language proficiency. With a strong IELTS score, a wide range of options for advancement within the English-speaking world become available. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a new career path, attending your dream university, moving to a new country, or enhancing your communication proficiency, the IELTS is your ticket. Here’s why.

1. Uncover Greater Career Prospects After Your IELTS Prep Course

One of the most common reasons that non-native English speakers choose to enrol in an IELTS exam prep course is for the purpose of landing a better job abroad. If your goal is to work in Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, or Canada, taking the IELTS exam will likely be essential when applying for a work visa. As a work visa applicant, you’ll need to possess either ‘vocational’ or ‘competent’ English language capabilities, both of which are a step above conversational English. In most cases, achieving an IELTS score of 6 or higher will enable you to apply to work in the English-speaking countries previously mentioned. Additionally, organisations in many industries rely on the IELTS to determine a candidate’s English capabilities, regardless of work visa status. Health care professions, accounting, law, engineering, finance, and more all require that their employees are highly competent in English, and the IELTS gives them the information they need to make a decision. 

English courses
Taking the IELTS exam can lead to more career prospects

2. Attend University in an English-Speaking Country

Are you interested in furthering your education at an English-speaking institution? When you take English proficiency exam preparation courses, you’ll be able to use your IELTS score to apply for a number of different study programs. Even some universities located in non-English speaking countries still require applicants to provide an IELTS score, given that some courses may be taught in English. Worldwide, the IELTS exam is recognised by over 11,000 providers of education and training, and attending one of these institutions can lead to a number of different opportunities for employment or specialisation in an area of study that you’re passionate about.

IELTS exam prep course
Your IELTS score can be used along with an application to an English-speaking university

3. Successfully Complete Your Immigration Application

Looking to fulfil your dream of building a life in another country? Many English-speaking countries require an IELTS score along with an immigration application from those seeking to obtain a visa for temporary or permanent residency. Since a strong IELTS score illustrates your ability to integrate and communicate within the country of your destination, it also improves your chances of approval for immigration.

Whether you’re taking the IELTS exam for career, study or immigration purposes, the contents of the exam will be the same. Build the skills you need to succeed with an IELTS preparation program at Inforum Education.

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