What Upper Intermediate B Did This Week

Welcome to another exciting week with Upper Intermediate B. We have had a very significant week talking about life-changing events and how they differ slightly depending on where you are from. We also discussed banks and money, and came up with individual plans on how to become a billionaire. The race to see who does […]

What Elementary A Did This Week

What Elementary A did this week.   Wow! What a big week for Ele this week. Student’s walked into the classroom on the morning of Day1 and found and exam waiting for them. However, it was not as scary as it seemed. In fact, it was just a practice exam to help students prepare for […]

What Advanced Did This Week

Hi everyone. This week in Advanced we looked at different types of work as well as health and illness. What really impressed me was how well you could use continuous tenses to describe various events in your past, present and future. Furthermore, most of you could come up with a lot of appropriate vocabulary to […]

New Assistant Director of Studies

Hello everyone!   My name is Aili Hillen. Some of you may know me from class and some of you may have seen me around school. This is me:     I have been a teacher at Inforum for the last 4 and a half years and while I still teach two days a week, […]

What Pre A did This Week

With the Gold Coast Show on Friday our Pre-Intermediate A classes have been very busy this week. We started the week learning how to talk about personal interests and hobbies and looked at the different ways that people like to relax. It was a great way for classmates to learn more about each other and […]