Preparing for PET

The 5 P’s of success- Proper – Preparation – Prevents – Poor – Performance.   The University of Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET) for Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate students, like all tests, should be approached with a plan if you really want to achieve the highest result you are capable of. Even high level students can […]

Free Fun on the Gold Coast

Welcome to the Gold Coast, the home of fun in the sun, theme parks and unlimited entertainment. It’s a playground for the rich and famous, if you are rich and famous that is. Ok, so you are not rich and famous, right? Don’t let that keep you from having an amazing time during your stay […]

Elementary This Week

When you ask a student at Inforum why they want to learn English, you get a lot of different reasons. “I need to pass IELTS.” or ” It will help me get a better job.” However, the one that you hear the most often is, “I want to travel and make friends from other countries.” […]

Why should we Review? 

Research has shown that reviewing new material within 24 hours of hearing it increases your retention of that material by about 60%. This means that you will be 60% ahead of the game the next time you walk into class. If you want to significantly reduce the time necessary to prepare for exams, this is […]