Inforum’s Super Star

BREAKING NEWS !!!!!! Sol is a super TV star in Brazil, interviewed about Inforum and the Gold Coast. The interview is in Portuguese but you can hear the most important English words. Sol, Inforum, Gold Coast, Australia To meet Sol in person, visit Inforum and get her autograph. Watch this mega super star in action, […]

Soccer match 2014 (part 2)

These boys just wouldn’t give in. Congratulations to the whole team, a job well done!   Posted by Sasha

Soccer match 2014

There were a few injuries a bit of blood shed but the boys gave 100% to come so close to taking that trophy home. That didn’t win the final game but they all went home winners knowing they played their best. Posted by Sasha

Inforum reunion party in Japan

This photo just goes to show that friendships formed at Inforum over the past years still remain strong today even after the students return home. X-students from Japan arranged an Inforum reunion party in Japan to catch up and laugh and chat about the great times they spent together on the Gold Coast and Inforum. […]

Q1 Sky Point

As far as the eye can see, Inforum students were amazed by the views. Shooting to the top of the 77 story building is an experience in its self. Discount tickets for students for this great place available at Inforum. QI Sky point , the world’s tallest residential tower. It took 500 workers over 3 […]