Hello from Brazil

We had another seminar in Brazil and the students were spoiled with an Aussie bag full of special treats. We can’t wait to meet students like Beto who won a very special prize during the seminar! Posted by Daria

Crazy Make Up Day

Don’t forget, tomorrow is “CRAZY MAKE UP DAY” Best make up gets a surprise. Remember to put your make up on tomorrow and come to Inforum looking beautiful or crazy! BOYS !! THIS MEANS YOU TO. Posted by Daria

Grammar point!

Don’t forget your ‘be’ verb! Incorrect: I working tomorrow. Correct: I am working tomorrow. Posted by Daria

Last dinner with Kyoko

Last week, Kyoko finished at Inforum after being part of our student committee for five months.  🙁 Our student committee is very important for helping all of our students, especially when new students start in their first week. We’re all going to miss you very much, Kyoko and thank you for all of your great […]

Would you like a fresh cuppa!?

Good morning, Inforum Students. Yes, its Monday! Yes, we all need a coffee! Ask one of our newly graduated Barista students for a fresh cuppa to start your day. Posted by Daria

Funny time at Dream World

There was a lot to do and a lot to see at Dream World today. Brave Inforum students on some crazy rides, glad I only had to take the photos! And if anyone sees that horse thief, let me know! Posted by Daria

Visiting Dream World

Ji kept our international visitors company today at Dream World. He made a few new friends and all had a great day Posted by Daria

Our new graduated Barista students!

Smell the beans, and taste the coffee of our new graduated Barista students!!! They made great tasting coffee and presented it in their own unique style. Congratulations! Please make me a flat white! Posted by Daria

New Study Group from Japan! Welcome!

The weather was a little cloudy but then we saw 27 smiling faces it was like the sun had come out. A sea of suit cases being pushed along to Inforum on the Gold Coast. They were tired and hungry. We let them rest and we made lunch for them. Posted by Daria

Welcome to Inforum!

Japanese students from Primary and Junior high school arrived on Thursday! 🙂 They went on a tour of Southport and took a photo in front of ‘Coles’, which is one of the most famous supermarkets in Australia! Lovely Inforum students! Please say hello and be friendly to them! All of the Inforum staff hope they […]