Today we received at school a Lifeguard directly from the beach. We learned some important rules regarding our behavior to the sea. In a few demonstration; swim between the flags is important to be seen by the Lifeguard and for any problem you must put your hands up and waive. In Australia, the sun is also […]


Do you know where can we feed Kangaroos? Where can we see aboriginal dance? It’s Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. We can see all Aussie animals and we can do the green challenge, too. The Green Challenge is an exciting adventure in a forest. It cost only 5 dollars. You can try more than 50 challenges with […]


Such a nice day last friday with you guys! Beautiful weather for a beautiful visit to splendid landscapes. After a nice fish and chips lunch, the visit into the wild was very exiting. We saw a strange chicken following us all the tour (bush turkey), a snake which made forty people scream and we also saw australian traditional […]