General English Language Course

The fast way to fluency

CRICOS Code: 076336C


  • Study all the important English language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation and Fluency plus a lot more.
  • Small classes and expert teachers to guide you.
  • Focus Classes in the afternoon help you specialise:
    • Conversation 1 – practise basic day-to-day conversation.
    • Conversation 2 – practise a little higher level, day-to-day conversation.
    • Cambridge PET Exam Preparation
    • Hospitality Plus – practise taking orders, explaining menus and dishes and answering the phone politely and professionally.
    • Social Media – Check out not-for-profit organisations which have outstanding social media campaigns.
    • World Business – Study vocabulary and grammar for the business world; apply the skills of negotiating, presenting and networking.
    • Focus Class Highlights
  • Weekly one-to-one student counseling with your teacher.
  • Combine with a Workshop to maximize your learning.

Start Dates

Any Monday; 1 – 50 weeks
If Monday is a public holiday, then Tuesday.


  • 20 + 6 hours per week
  • Includes 1 – 6 hours of Workshops

Sample Timetable

General English – Intermediate

8:50–10:20 Your place or mine”

Talking about houses, neighbourhoods and lifestyles
What kind of lifestyle do you prefer?
Reading & speaking:
Exchanging homes for holidays
Listening 1:
Home exchange
Top cities”
Listening & Speaking
Song: “Homeward Bound”
Adjectives for describing cities
Top Cities
Homes that think”
Compound nouns
Talking about items you have in your home
Prefixes and suffixes
Communication (Listening & Speaking)
Entering a competition to live in your dream house
Review and practice
Review of grammar and vocabulary
8:30–10:30 Friday Forum
10:45–11:45 Guest Speaker (on guest speaker’s day)
Talking about the future: present continuous; going to; will.
Listening 2:
Problems during home exchanges
Reading & Speaking:
Letter of complaint
Writing: Write a letter of complaint
Survey about cities
Comparatives and superlatives
Speaking: Giving reasons for interests
Making predictions about the future
Speaking and Listening
Telephone language; practise making a formal phone call
DVD “City or Country”
Descriptions of properties; discussing speaker’s ideas about living in the city / country
Review and practice
Review of grammar and vocabulary
13:00–14:30Focus ClassFocus ClassFocus ClassFocus ClassSchool Activity
15:00–16:00Free Workshops

General English Steps