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  • What Intermediate B Did This Week 19/05/2017

    The first week of the semester saw new class–teacher combinations and Int B kicked off their new adventure with vocabulary related to houses and homes as well as the social issues relating to the areas where people live. They have been dabbling in ‘Present Perfect Continuous’ and they’ve also looked at ‘Present Perfect Simple’. Later […]

  • What Pre Intermediate A Did This Week 17/05/2017

    Pre-Intermediate A1 studied hard this week preparing for their end of term exams. Everything from the most exciting superlatives to the many modifiers we’ve learnt over the past six weeks.   We practiced first and second conditionals, and the students were told that if they passed the exam they would go to the next level.   I […]

  • What Elementary B Did This Week 17/05/2017

    Elementary B are getting close to sitting the Key English Test on the 10th. We spent this week learning about love in English and reviewing the last 6 weeks of study. This is the sharp end of the course and a time when all the hard work pays off. Key events of the week: We […]

  • Labour Day (May Day) Holiday 28/04/2017

    We’ve had a few public holidays recently and the next one to come up will be Labour Day on 1st May.  So… what is Labour Day?  We know it’s a holiday, but why? Labour Day in Australia is a day to commemorate the work done by people over 100 years ago who wanted shorter working […]