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  • Last Week in IELTS 20/06/2017

    This was a great week for the IELTS advanced class.   We learned a whole bunch of new and useful grammar for our task 2 academic writing, with a special focus on: it- and what- clefts, academic adverbials, and alternative phrases to express conditionals.   In the Thursday class, students wrote personal checklists of grammar […]

  • What FCE Did This Week 09/06/2017

    This week in FCE, we looked at innovation. First, what’s the difference between creation and innovation? This is something we discussed. We then moved on to different forms of innovation. We talked about the innovation of inventions like post-it notes and potato chips and also innovations in language. Interestingly, language changes all the time just like technology. […]

  • What Pre-Intermediate A Did This Week 02/06/2017

    The week started with a reading and writing practice test. The students were surprised at how different it was from KET and as such was rather difficult. This week we reviewed the first four units of the book. They studied a lot of different things. Some highlights are that the students revised the difference between […]

  • What Upper B Did This Week 29/05/2017

    This week in Upper Intermediate we looked at different types of transport and various ways to travel. What really impressed me was how well you could use emphatic structures to show your feelings. There were also many countable and uncountable nouns to memorise and learn using a few quantifiers. Many of our students are supposed […]