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  • ANZAC Day 19/04/2017

    As we approach the 25th of April, another public holiday, you might see these words written upon businesses, signs on the street, or even on social media like Facebook and Twitter:   LEST WE FORGET   But what does this mean? Well, the 25th of April is ANZAC Day. The ANZAC, or the Australian and […]

  • What Pre-Intermediate A Did This Week 13/04/2017

    Week 3 was a super busy week for our Pre Intermediate classes, beginning with a practice PET test and ending with an Easter celebration. Our students dived straight into the serious business of sitting the practice PET for Reading and Writing. Following this we revised the first 4 units of the course, covering topics from food […]

  • Easter In Australia 07/04/2017

    The Christian story of Easter focuses on the crucifixion and resurrection (coming back to life) of Jesus Christ. After his death, Jesus’ body was placed in a tomb (a type of grave). Three days later, the tomb was found to be empty and an angel appeared bringing news that Jesus had risen from the dead. Easter in Australia […]

  • What Pre B Did Last Week 04/04/2017

    Well what a week it was! Pre – Intermediate B1 class didn’t do that much this week as Cyclone Debbie hit and caused destruction all the way down the Queensland coast. The Gold Coast was rained out on Thursday and we had a very windy Friday. There were very few students who braved the weather by […]