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  • New Teacher – Julia 17/07/2017

    My name’s Julia and I’ll be teaching the IELTS classes, both the Foundation and Advanced. I began my career as a junior primary teacher but soon became fascinated with illiterate English speaking adults leading to a career change. During this time I taught a group of students with severe mental and physical disabilities which was paradoxically the […]

  • Happy Birthday 06/07/2017

    Happy Birthday Inforum This Friday, the 7th of July, is the 10th anniversary for Inforum. Staff and students will mark the occasion with a special celebration. Over the past ten years staff and students alike have come and gone, all contributing to making the school the wonderful place that it is. Congratulations to Simon and […]

  • What Pre-Intermediate B Did This Week 30/06/2017

    This week in Pre-intermediate B was filled with lots of challenging vocabulary and useful grammar! We covered the human body and how the mind could affect it, as well as injuries, illnesses, medicine and “folk remedies” (For example: drinking chicken soup to cure a cold). Students practiced giving advice on what to do when sick, […]

  • Last Week in IELTS 20/06/2017

    This was a great week for the IELTS advanced class.   We learned a whole bunch of new and useful grammar for our task 2 academic writing, with a special focus on: it- and what- clefts, academic adverbials, and alternative phrases to express conditionals.   In the Thursday class, students wrote personal checklists of grammar […]