New Teacher – Julia

My name’s Julia and I’ll be teaching the IELTS classes, both the Foundation and Advanced. I began my career as a junior primary teacher but soon became fascinated with illiterate English speaking adults leading to a career [...]

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Inforum This Friday, the 7th of July, is the 10th anniversary for Inforum. Staff and students will mark the occasion with a special celebration. Over the past ten years staff and students alike [...]

What Pre-Intermediate B Did This Week

This week in Pre-intermediate B was filled with lots of challenging vocabulary and useful grammar! We covered the human body and how the mind could affect it, as well as injuries, illnesses, medicine and “folk [...]

Last Week in IELTS

This was a great week for the IELTS advanced class. We learned a whole bunch of new and useful grammar for our task 2 academic writing, with a special focus on: it- and what- clefts, [...]

What FCE Did This Week

This week in FCE, we looked at innovation. First, what’s the difference between creation and innovation? This is something we discussed. We then moved on to different forms of innovation. We talked about the innovation of [...]

What Pre-Intermediate A Did This Week

The week started with a reading and writing practice test. The students were surprised at how different it was from KET and as such was rather difficult. This week we reviewed the first four units [...]

What Upper B Did This Week

This week in Upper Intermediate we looked at different types of transport and various ways to travel. What really impressed me was how well you could use emphatic structures to show your feelings. There were [...]

What Intermediate B Did This Week

The first week of the semester saw new class–teacher combinations and Int B kicked off their new adventure with vocabulary related to houses and homes as well as the social issues relating to the areas [...]

What Pre Intermediate A Did This Week

Pre-Intermediate A1 studied hard this week preparing for their end of term exams. Everything from the most exciting superlatives to the many modifiers we’ve learnt over the past six weeks. We practiced first and second [...]

What Elementary B Did This Week

Elementary B are getting close to sitting the Key English Test on the 10th. We spent this week learning about love in English and reviewing the last 6 weeks of study. This is the sharp [...]