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  • FCE exam tips 16/06/2016

    With the final week of exams coming up, here are ten FCE exam tips for those of you doing the FCE exam next week.   1. Always read the instructions/question first in every part of the exam. 2. If you don’t know an answer, guess and move on. Never leave a question unanswered.  3. Manage your […]

  • Preparing for PET 10/06/2016

    So, you are preparing yourself to tackle the University of Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET). Inforum has a variety of resources and workshops to help achieve your goal. However being proactive and doing a little extra preparation for yourself, may give you the edge you need to pass the test. Passing the PET test obviously […]

  • Preparing for Cambridge: Key (KET) 03/06/2016

    As well as studying new units of grammar and vocabulary, elementary students have been doing practice for a Cambridge English test called the Key English Test. Studying for this test not only includes the regular study that our amazing students do every day, but also thinking about how they approach the test and what kind […]

  • What Pre-Intermediate Did this Week 27/05/2016

    This week, the Pre-Intermediate classes were filled with more useful grammar points, functions and vocabulary to help everyone improve their English. Firstly, our topic for Monday and Tuesday was ‘Places to Stay’. This meant we learnt lots of new vocabulary relating to accommodation, but in particular, hotel problems. This led us to our first grammar […]