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Located on Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast, Inforum’s English language school provides innovative and enjoyable language solutions for learning English in Australia. Our truly multicultural mix of students love the combination of our high quality English language studies and real-life experiences to improve their English skills, while enjoying our amazing beaches and lifestyle here on the Gold Coast.


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  • How to Improve Your Global Mark (G) on Your Speaking Test 16/03/2017

    How to improve your Global score in FCE, PET and KET. When most people are doing a speaking test, they naturally feel nervous. However, remember the speaking part of the tests above is actually the shortest and perhaps the easiest to pass. Remember you don’t need to have perfect English to pass, you only need […]

  • Improving Your Discourse Management (DM) Mark on Your Speaking Test 14/03/2017

    Discourse Management What is it and how can you improve your score? Discourse management refers to the ability to produce extended written and spoken texts, for example conversations.  Discourse management is one of the key components used in the assessment of spoken language in the PET, FCE and CAE tests at Inforum. Sometimes simply referred to as […]

  • Improving Your Interactive Communication (IC) Mark on Speaking Tests 03/03/2017

    What is interactive communication? Interactive communication is one of the components that you will be assessed on during your Cambridge speaking test (KET, PET, FCE, CAE). Your examiner is assessing how well you interact with your partner.   How to get the best score: If you want to be successful in this part of the […]

  • What IELTS did this week 24/02/2017

    This week in the IELTS class our themes revolved around ‘science and space’.  We started off discussing different science disciplines and then moved on to a reading and summarising task about incredible scientific developments. This lead us into our next IELTS reading task about the KT Event (a meteorite strike that hit the Earth 65 […]